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Hi ! I am Mr. Eduneer

 As an experienced educational and business consultant, I empower young minds, academic institutions, startups, organizations, and enterprises to embrace innovation and achieve breakthrough results.


Drawing upon my rich background from top institutions like Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, I bring a transformative approach to every business.



With over a decade of leadership experience, including eight-plus years as a C-suite innovator, I've mastered the art of leading teams and spearheading groundbreaking initiatives that deliver impactful solutions.

Support business in the development and launch of innovative products and services, leveraging your expertise in product development, engineering, and entrepreneurship.


Product Innovation
MrEduneer Working With Robots

Guide product ideation, market research, prototyping, iterative development, and go-to-market strategies to drive successful product launches and market penetration.


Go-To Market

Offer tailored business strategy development services to startups, organizations, and enterprises, focusing on areas such as market analysis, competitive positioning, growth strategies, business model innovation, and strategic planning to drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage.


Business Consulting

Revolutionize learning in K-12 academic institutions by delivering dynamic, future-focused curriculum solutions. Empower educators with innovative teaching methodologies to equip students with the skills needed for tomorrow's challenges.


Elevating K-12 Education
MrEduneer Educating
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