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Inspired To Impact

Part of the founding team and CTO at an education vertical for 50+ years conglomerate, Best Group. The group is diversified into domains of Manufacturing, Future Factory Solutions, Education and Defence.

Being part of the founding team, I have played a crucial part in defining the product and business roadmap for the organisation.

On the academic front, I lead the team to develop the company's core product, the future skills curriculum (in coordination with the industry and German experts team). On the engineering front, I lead the design and manage the core delivery platform and associated products.Adding to it, I am also involved in developing business plans, marketing and sales activities and also lead the company's day-to-day operations, both internal and client-facing.


Coming from an ancestrally academic background I imbibed the skills and inclination to mentor young minds and provide them skills and knowledge to be ready for the exponentially changing future. The opportunity enabled me to magnify the learnings across the globe.


Upon careful examination of current educational standards, we identified these as the significant challenges:

  1. Insufficient emphasis on skill-based education within school systems, where the primary objective often revolves around exam performance.

  2. Unfortunately, the prevailing focus neglects the impartation of skills essential for the upcoming generation to address pressing global issues. A dearth exists in the provision of practical, implementable, and relevant lifelong learning opportunities.

  3. Absence of social consciousness and the mindset required for proactive engagement and impactful actions among contemporary students.

In response to these challenges, we devised a strategy aimed at bridging these gaps. Our solution involves the creation of a platform offering a comprehensive array of programs that facilitate the development of critical skills through immersive and interdisciplinary approaches.


2022 NVC Alumni Track Finalists

As an annual event, the competition serves as a launch pad for innovative new ventures from HBS alumni, providing access and exposure to potential investors, mentors and advisors.

Future Leaders Program

Future Leaders Program is an Indo-German Global Summer Residential Program to drive transformation among the learners by enabling them to visualize the future and build a mindset to evolve, adapt, and learn to solve problems.

Exponentially Redefining Curriculum

The programs at BeSingular focus on not only preparing the young minds for a desirable and exciting future, but also inspire them to create it. BeSingular imparts education on topics that are beyond the traditional school curriculum but are essential to make an individual ready for the world that’s evolving rapidly. Our curriculum is curated with the primary goal of testing the abilities of a learner’s mind that leaves them intrigued, and plants a desire in them to learn more!

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